We believe that good attendance and punctuality is essential for good education and standards of attainment.

It also prepares children for their future working lives. We monitor attendance carefully. Where we have concerns about a child’s attendance, we will work with families to provide support and encouragement to ensure their attendance/ punctuality improves. We reward good attendance through individual and class certificates. The school actively promotes 100% attendance.


96.15% Attendance for the academic year

3.2% of pupils with authorised absence

0.65% of pupils with persistent absences

3 – Number of persistent absentees

0 – Number of children excluded

Valid reasons for having time off school
  • Serious sickness (more than a sniffle or a cold)
  • Close family funeral
  • Hospital treatment
  • Emergency dental treatment
  • Music and dance exams
  • Attending the Norfolk Show – if showing an animal or competing
Reporting Absence

To report your child’s absence to please:

Ring the school office before 8:45 am or inform your child’s teacher on the first day of any period of absence. No absences other than illness and on compassionate grounds can be authorised by the Head.

Unacceptable reasons for not coming to school
  • Going to the dentist (please plan well ahead and make appointments during holiday times or after school)
  • Hairdressers
  • Shopping
  • Birthday
  • Woke up late
  • Didn’t have a clean uniform
  • Brother, sister or parent unwell
  • Feeling tired after a late night