Oulton Class have created this wonderful poem about the staff at the school.

Hooray for Great Dunham
Great Dunham School is fabulous and fun,
When you can learn out in the sun,
It is a special place you see,
The teachers are such busy bees!

Mrs. Nour is the Headteacher of our school,
She is very cool,
She teaches us about behaviour,
She also does us lots of favours,
Like checking our work or putting plasters on our hands,
But her favourite job is playing in the sand.

Ms. Owen-Smith likes singing and dancing,
With her, we all end up prancing,
She works in Filby class,
They play instruments made out of brass.

Miss Watson works really hard,
For that, we should give her a card,
Year Five and Six make works of Art,
They give her a happy heart.

Ms. Freij is Swedish,
She eats lots of oily fish,
In Aspire she does story-telling,
You will never hear her yelling.

Mrs. Green is very keen,
She helps us read and write,
Which makes us very bright.
She can speak lots of French,
You can find her sitting on the bench!

Mr. Whitty is taller than the trees,
We can only see up to his knees,
Mr. Whitty teaches us to read,
At the gardening club, he pulls up the weeds.

Miss Titmarsh always has a smile,
Even when her paperwork is an enormous pile,
We love her she’s so beautiful and bright,
Sometimes we give her a big fright,
When we turn out all the lights.

Mrs. Spencer is fantastic,
She teaches us to sew elastic,
When Miss Titmarsh is in a mess,
Mrs. Spencer always helps her do the rest,

Mrs. Jarrett has to feed her parrot,
She gives him lots of seed and carrot.
Working in the office is her job,
She helps us with bits and bobs.

Miss Howell makes us lunch,
We eat it up with a munch and a crunch,
She is very funny,
Because she sometimes gives us honey.

Mrs. Mummery looks after us at play,
We wish she could stay all day,
On Thursday she helps in Oulton class,
Where we play out on the grass.

Without us children, Great Dunham would be sad,
We make the teachers’ very glad,
To have such a wonderful bunch to teach,
Our best they want us all to reach.

For this reason, we all say;