Hatching a duck and a rabbit!

We hatched a duck!

We also hatched a rabbit!

(We did say that only one of those comes from an egg in real life!)

First, we had to read the instructions very carefully.  We learned the word ‘submerged’ and watched the air come out of the eggs as we held them under the water until the air was replaced by the water and we could let go.

Then we had to leave them alone overnight.

In the morning one of the eggs had cracked, but we didn’t know which one it was yet.

We had to wait another night.

The rabbit hatched first, and we took photographs regularly to show how the eggs were changing.  After 3 days the eggs had broken apart and we could take the animals out.  We measured them carefully to see how tall they were, then put the animals back into the water.  The next day we measured them again and they had grown more.

We had to stop then, because it was the last day of term, but the children have asked if we can do more of these so that we can see how big we can grow them, and see what different animals we can hatch.