Home Learning

Homework Guidance

Homework plays a positive role in raising a child’s level of attainment. We also acknowledge the important role of play and free time in a child’s growth and development. While homework is important, it should not prevent children from taking part isn’t the wide range of out-of-school clubs and organisations that play an important part in the lives of many children. We are well aware that children spend more time at home than at school, and we believe they develop their skills, interests, and talents to the full only when parents encourage them to make maximum use of the experiences and opportunities that are available outside of school.

At Great Dunham, we are working together to develop our children’s lifelong love of learning. By focussing homework on the basic skill we believe that we are supporting children to gain skills for life.

Children in all classes, from Reception to Year 6 will be expected to read on a daily basis. Each week the children will be given spellings/sounds and number bonds/times tables to practice.  They will also receive homework challenges each half term.

Below are words that your child will be learning to spell throughout their time at Great Dunham Primary School. These lists are a mixture of words that we encourage children to use in their writing and words they can often misspell. The words run alongside other spelling objectives that we cover as part of our spelling lessons. 

We would be grateful if you could support your child at home in discussing, learning to read and spelling the words from the lists relevant to their year group. Please read the ‘Helping Your Child With Spellings’ document for advice on different strategies that can be used.


Children in Year 6 will have ‘revision’ type homework, using SATs-style questions to ensure that they are well prepared for the tests in May.

In addition, each half term, all children will be encouraged to research their topics at home to supplement learning in class~ this may take the form of artwork, written or an oral presentation.


Daily: reading, timestables and number bonds

Each half term children are given a list of homework challenges which include Mathletics.  These should be returned to school as and when they are completed. 

As needed: Y6 revision homework