Sheringham Celebrations, July 8th 2022

Another fun packed week. We had our Sports day on Thursday in The Walks which we all enjoyed. The teachers were so busy keeping our scores, that no photos were taken! However, Ella did bring in her medals that she received from a Gymnastics competition. Many congratulations to her.

Our times tables champions this week were Aryan, Mary, Indi, Lilly, Sophie, Dolcie and Daniel.

We also celebrated our Amazing Readers. Well done to you all.

In between achieving awards, we have enjoyed some chilled time looking at books.


Finally, A big thumbs up to Oakley, who went home and did even more work as he loved our unit in RE so much! Enjoy reading what he has produced: Oakley Hitchcock PowerPoint Presentation

Only 2 more weeks to go to show off how amazing we are.

Have a lovely weekend!