Sheringham Celebrations, June 17th 2022

What a hot day to end the week! Well done Sheringham for continuing to work so hard in the classroom, despite the increasing temperatures.

We have many children to celebrate this week:

A number of pupils do a program called Lexia to help with phonics and spelling. Congratulations to those who have gained a certificate for completing a level.

Our times tables stars this week were Marion, Nojus, Kane, Freya, Daniel, Caden and Indi. We have started to also do an online program and Sheringham class asked for the details to practise at home. The website is 

As always, we have a great number of Amazing Readers to celebrate. Well done to all who have read daily at home this week.

Some of the children wanted to show you how hard they have worked in other areas of the curriculum too.

A group have been doing some great sentence work:

In Science this week, we really enjoyed doing an experiment to find out about the weight of gas. We gave scientific predictions and gave great suggestions for making the test fair.

Well done for Nojus for making a brilliant Roman boat as part of his homework. It now has pride of place in the classroom!

Congratulations to Indi who received the trophy in Gymnastics for helping the younger children with their work.

Wishing you all a lovely weekend.