Sheringham Celebrations, October 14th 2022

Once again, Sheringham have lots of wonderful achievements they wish to share. What a great week they have had!

To begin, we would like to show some of what we have been doing in our lessons this week.

In Art, we have been doing paper sculpture:












In PE, we did hockey on a very windy day!:






In Music, we enjoyed performing to Mr McGovern:






Belle was chosen to be musician of the week. She did very well concentrating and making good choices.






A small number of children were celebrated for reading all week. A little reminder to everyone else in the class: don’t forget to read your book daily.






We celebrated many children this week for successfully completing their times tables.



In our celebration assembly, we chose Belle and Iris this week. Belle was noticed by a number of adults being really kind to another pupil and Iris worked hard to make a bridge, as part of her homework. Everyone in assembly got to admire her super work.





Enjoy your weekend! Looking forward to our last week of this first half-term!