The week ahead 9th May 2022

The week ahead looks like this :

Monday – swimming

Tuesday – Mrs Howells in the afternoon, library.


Thursday PE


Literacy – we will be writing our own stories based on the Enormous Turnip this week.  If anyone has any newspaper that they can send in for us to make an ENORMOUS turnip with, we would appreciate it.  Ask your children about the different vegetables that they know.  Which ones do they like?

Numeracy – We are finishing our ‘Numbers to 50’ unit this week, and going on to ‘Introducing length and height.”  Who is the tallest in your family? What animals are taller than that person?

Topic – Last week we looked at the animated Bayeux tapestry (the link is in the links section for you to look at together) to find out why the Battle happened. This week we are looking at the Battle itself, and why the Normans beat the Anglo-Saxons.

Art – We will be carrying on with our printing – last week we made our own print blocks from clay, based on the Anglo-Saxon rune for our name.  I’ll do a whole post about those when they are finished.

Please remember to read with your child on BugClub and the books that come home, and to send in their reading book and reading record every day so that we can read with them as well.  Last week we had 7 books out of 29!

Take care, and remember you can always email  me if you need to – we are ironing out the changeover to grf.unity-ed so I’m getting more and more emails at the right time now!


Take care,


Miss Cook