Wibble Wobble!

On Thursday and Friday we made jelly, because we had used it as an example in our talk4writing rewrite.  On Thursday, only some of the jelly set.  We talked about it, and discovered that this was the second batch that had accidentally cooked in the microwave for longer. (Miss Cook did the microwaving!) On Friday morning we gave Overstrand our solid jelly, and made some more.  In the afternoon we tipped them out and investigated them.  There are some pictures in the gallery, but there are more to come.


We had used Vege-gel, which is clear and tasteless, but is also vegetarian, which meant we could get on with squishing it and talking about how it felt.  We had chosen different objects to put in the cups which enabled us to see them floating, but also to see if they left an impression.  Numicon made really good impressions when it was taken out of the gel.

We will use what we found out in our writing on Monday, to help us write the next rewrite of our story.


The two books we have used are in the links below.