The Greyfriars approach to teaching Geography

At Greyfriars Community Primary School, we want our children to develop a love of learning, to experience enjoyment and challenge and to strive for excellence in their achievement. Concern for the child’s emotional, mental and educational development is at the heart of all aspects of school life. These values are central to the teaching and planning of geography in that children are to be given opportunities to discuss moral and social issues which relate to citizenship, sustainability and the environment. Children are encouraged to be responsible and caring members of a global community and to reflect on our responsibilities to others.

Although learning and teaching styles will differ from each lesson, our teachers will always address the needs and wants of the children in addition to the needs and wants of the subject. At Greyfriars Academy, we know that children learn best in geography through direct experience and practical activity, discussion and questioning or experimentation and simulation. Children apply their knowledge and skills through number work, field work, story, art, model making, music and poetry.

Geography is taught through themed lessons alongside and within other curriculum subjects such as Literacy, History, Computing and RE, as well as in separate Geography lessons. Trips and visitors also greatly enhance our geography curriculum.

Geography Subject Lead    Miss Cook


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