School Dinners

School dinners are provided by our partner Edwards & Blake


Have your circumstances changed recently?
You may be eligible for Free School Meals!
The school receives funding for each child who comes under
Pupil Premium (including FSM).

You can apply online:-

Families in hardship and needing wider support
In addition to the offer of FSM vouchers for eligible families,
there is support available for families who are facing hardship
and need support. Anyone experiencing hardship may be able
to receive support through the Norfolk Assistance Scheme
(NAS), which may be able to provide support for food, fuel,
clothes and other essential household items to families experiencing hardship. Wider support from a range of partners can
then also be made available with NAS working alongside the
Children’s Services Community and Partnerships service. Families may get in touch with NAS via their dedicated website which
includes an online application form, at Norfolk Assistance
Scheme – Norfolk County Council or if they cannot access the
internet, they can call 0344 800 8020.

Edward & Blakes Main Lunch Menu 2023/2024

Edward & Blakes Packed Lunch 2023/2024