The science curriculum aims to develop both the child’s scientific knowledge and scientific skills. The topics are revisited in the different key stages, developing and refining the children’s knowledge and skills.

The skills taught are:

  • Questioning
  •  Observing
  •  Predicting
  •  Investigating and experimenting
  •  Estimating and measuring
  •  Analysing
  •  Sorting and classifying
  •  Recognising patterns
  • Interpreting
  •  Recording and communicating results.

We use the child’s existing knowledge and experience as the base for subsequent learning. Science activities begin with the teacher eliciting the pupils’ existing ideas on the topic.  Children are given opportunities to test and develop their ideas about the physical world through hands-on, practical problem-solving activities and open-ended investigations.

KS1 Science Overview

LKS2 Science Overview

Science Subject Lead    Miss Shaw


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