Vision and Values

We want our children to develop a love of learning, to experience enjoyment and challenge and to strive for excellence in their achievement.

We are an all-inclusive school and encourage care, courtesy and respect for all members of our school community and beyond. We encourage our children to take a pride in themselves, their school and the wider community and to become positive and responsible citizens. We believe that good home/school links hugely benefit our children’s well-being and progress, and we value positive partnerships with our parents.

Overall, we have high expectations of all our children and aim to equip them with the confidence, independence, social and academic skills that will enable them to make the most of their learning journey, whilst at our school and in the future. We will provide: Caring adults with a good understanding of pupil welfare and safeguarding, within a safe and secure learning environment.

The learning support, challenge and opportunities to enable every child to succeed and make good progress. A curriculum and learning environment that motivates and engages our children. A focus on developing lifelong skills for learning and children who are: motivated and enquiring, independent and collaborative, resilient and persevering, adaptable and risk taking, confident communicators, critical and creative thinkers, respectful and open minded, reflective and responsible.

Opportunities to develop an understanding of, and positive contribution towards our local, national and international communities.